Friday, 28 September 2012

Online Teaching Degrees

Education professionals are among the most enthusiastic users of online learning programs. Advanced education degrees and continuing-education credits are essential for educators to expand their career options and income potential, meet certification requirements or transition from instructional to administrative positions. Working educators appreciate the scheduling flexibility of our select online programs, the high quality of instruction, and the opportunity to earn a degree in less time than is usually required through on-campus programs. You can earn an Education Master''s or Doctoral degree online in areas including general education, curriculum development and instruction, educational psychology, administration and leadership, adult education, instructional technology and corporate learning. If you want to start or advance your career in this challenging and rewarding profession, explore the online programs below and request more information from our accredited colleges and universities today.

What type of career can you pursue with this degree?
  • Kindergarten teacher
  • Grade school teacher
  • Middle school teacher
  • High School teacher
  • Teaching literacy and language
  • Teacher''s aide
  • Special education teacher
  • Administration
  • Adult education
  • Primary education
  • Secondary education
  • Principal
  • Superintendent
  • English as a second language (ESL) teacher


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