Thursday, 15 November 2012

Free and Online Fun Games for Kids to Play

Free and Online Fun Games for Kids to Play

We have collected some interesting and free online fun games for kids to play. We have collected free online math fun games for kids, some online educational fun games for kids, educational websites for kids, pbs free online kids games and disney kids games. Some of the games are preschool games.

We are providing the list of websites which provide countless kids games to play online. Lets have a look.

1. SURFNETKIDS.COM (Surfing the net with kids)

You will find here various varities of kids fun games to play online.

There is a directory of kids games with categories like Animal Games, American Games, Arcade Games, Art and Music Games, Biography Games, Card Games, Christmas Games, Dress Up Games, Driving Games, Geography Games, Halloween Games, Harry Potter Games, History & Holiday Games, Literature Games, Math Games, Picture Games, Printable Games, Puzzles, Recall Games, Science Games, Shooting Games, Simulation Games, Space Games, Sports Games, Thanksgiving Games, Trivia Games, Typing Games, Twilight Games and Word Games.

The website also lists the various new and popular free kids games to play online.


This is also very good website for kids games where your kids can play a lot of free online kids games like pbs games, preschool games, disney games online etc.

There is category of games like New Games, Math Games, Alphabet Games, Memory Games, Vocabulary Games, Geography Games, Art and Music Games and some Puzzle Games also.

"Play Kids is a site designed by parents of young kids. It is our intention is to provide a web site that parents and kids can use to learn basic skills while having fun. It is our goal to provide a safe place to learn computer skils, math skills, reading skills and problem solving skills in a context that is fun to use. " From About Us section of


They have also very good collection of kids games to play online. All kids games are full of fun and education. This is very good website for kids, parents and teachers. They have categorized the kids games as Action Adventure Games, Creativity Games, Fun Learning Games, Puzzle Games, Sports Games, Strategy Games etc.

4. Yahoo KIDS: has a lot of stock for kids fun games to play online for kids. Website is very well designed as very attractive for kids. A lot of latest online free kids games are present there on Yahoo Kids.

5. British Council Learn English Kids has fun playing games and learning English at the same time! They have lots of free online vocabulary games for primary school children to play. You can learn new words, practise using them in sentences and play our spelling games too. 

6. UPTOTEN.COM has a lot of puzzle games for kids and other kinds of interesting and free online games for kids to play.

7. MINICLIP.COM has action games, pool games, sports games, multiplayer games, puzzles, iPhone games and motorsports free online games for kids to play on their site.

8. PBSKIDS.ORG has a lot of pbs free online games for kids to play. They also have store of online free math games for kids and many educational games.


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