Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Can Developers do Programming or Coding without Googling?

Can Developers do Programming or Coding without Googling?

Can you imagine development without using google search? At least I can't!! I keep on opening google.com while development because I need it every time. It is very difficult to do programming or coding without googling as per me. Also, its not only my story, all the programmers / coders sitting around me, cannot do anything without google. Once internet was shut in my company for an hour accidentally, we all developers were looking at each other helplessly and waiting for internet to resume.

Once there were days when I was doing my Computer Science Engineering. I learned C/C++/Java during my B.E.(Bachelors in Engineering). All I learned from books and never used internet. When our tutor used to give us problems, we try to solve them our own without seeking any help from internet. Those were our logic building days.  

But now the picture has changed. When you enter in the profession, start doing job, you see the things with different angle. Below are some points which I have figured out why we need to google every time while programming?

1. Frequent Changes in Programming Languages

Programming languages have become so advanced and new things are coming everyday, every week. As a software developer, you must keep yourself updated with these changes. In race of learning new things, we keep on forgetting basic things, basic language syntax etc. and we need to google every time.

2. Tight Deadlines

When you are working on a project, you have some tight deadline in your mind given by the management. So, when you stuck at any point, you don't want to invest any time in thinking the solution and just google your problem to save your time. Every problem is solved by google search that we all know. So by just typing the problem on google search, you get the ready-made solution in front of your eyes and just you have to copy paste the solution. Most of the answers to my problems are given by stackoverflow and codeproject.

3. Laziness

We know that ready-made solution is there on internet which can be easily accessed by just typing on google search, then why to waste our energy on pondering over the problem. This lazy thinking makes us to depend totally on google. Due to this laziness, we never try to practice the code and remember the syntax and depend totally on google.

My Suggestion:

I am trying to give you the suggestion not to depend on google so much, but I think I need to follow this suggestion much more than you :). If we practice some code daily, try to remember the syntax which we daily use, then I think we can decrease our dependency on google search. I know its hard but I think only this is the way...


  1. Actually we could just do it by typing in stack overflow, cause that's where 90% of my dev-related searches are ending ^^'

    1. You are right. Stackoverflow has answer to all kind of development questions. If you don't find what you want on google, just ask that question on stackoverflow and the experts of the community are ready to answer you within minutes.

  2. Sure - I can do it - did do it, for years before there was google.

    You see, there are these things called books - they are helpful too.

    Also, there are various docs and help pages that come with a development system. I am a Java developer and I could get by with just the installed Javadocs.

    Would I want to go back to doing it that way?

    Not at all; I learn something new from the internets every day about how to accomplish some task, and more importantly, how to do it correctly and efficiently.

    1. Its great to listen from you that your are coding before google. You cannot carry books, docs with you everytime, but internet yes. Also I am agree with the point that internet always remains updated while books and docs may get outdated.

    2. So you think that internet can not be outdated? L.O.L.